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If you’re like most people, you are accustomed to cleaning your clothes using the typical commercial detergents.

Which is good- but only to the extent that most do a good job.

However, rarely do we pay attention to the ingredients used in these cleaning agents.

Well, here is some bad news:

A study commissioned by the UW (University of Washington) has shown that most laundry detergents release prohibited cancer-causing chemicals and may put you and your loved ones at the risk of getting some terrible diseases.

And the problem cuts across the board- though no one says it:

You see, 99% of commercial detergents were found guilty of releasing substances which have been blacklisted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as legally hazardous and toxic.

Even worse is the fact that manufacturers of these products are not obligated to list the ingredients on the label!


You continue buying their products innocently and unknowingly endangering your health

Perhaps you are wondering “now what?”

Well, let me first walk you through some of the hazardous elements in our detergents.

  • Fragrance chemicals

This toxin is common and is a combination of multiple chemicals.

It is responsible for the sweet and fresh smell in your clean clothes.

Sadly, it’s also found in some of the detergents marketed as “fragrance-free”

Now, these chemicals contain phthalates- known to facilitate diabetes, obesity, asthma attacks in addition to causing hormonal imbalances.

Examples are limonene- a molecule which supplies a citrus scent-, acetaldehyde, and chloromethane

  • Surfactants

Surfactants are also part of most detergents.

They remove dirt from clothes, skin, and household articles

But they also get absorbed through your skin leading to skin problems, heart, and even kidney issues.

A good example of a potent Surfactant is nonylphenol ethoxylates.

  • Bleaching compounds

Sodium hypochlorite is a popular bleaching agent in our detergents.

Unfortunately, it can react with other organic components to produce a chlorinated substance- injurious if inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Its other risks include skin and eye irritations as well as respiratory tract problems.

  • Others toxins

Dioxane, phosphate, linear Alkyl Sulfonates (LAS) and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPE) also pose further health risks;

  • Companies use dioxane for its affordability as a softener inclusion option. However, it’s toxic
  • Phosphate makes detergents more effective, especially with hard water.  However, it may end up landing in water threatening aquatic life and human consumption.
  • LAS are other ingredients from synthetic petroleum elements that are harmful when inhaled.
  • For NPE, some countries have banned its use in the production of commodities since it has countless health issues including  harming your digestive system, eyes, and skin

Introducing the  >>>Magnetic Laundry System (MLS)<<<

Now, friend, we have a fantastic alternative to the hazardous laundry detergents- the revolutionary Magnetic Laundry System (MLS)

What is MLS?

It’s an exciting new washing technology that enables you to clean your clothes safely and effectively!

Yep! You read me right!

It’s 100% free of dangerous chemicals and as effective as the best cleaning detergent ever.

Plus, it’s considered environmentally friendly!

What are the Ingredients?

MLS harnesses the cleaning power of water by creating a powerful magnetic field.  This revolutionary system comes packed as two magnets encased in rubber material.

Once you put the 2 magnets into your washing machine, this double patented technology simply modifies the water’s surface tension- which is exactly what the chemicals used in detergents do- without the use of toxic chemicals.

How does it work?

Water molecules have both negative and positive charges. Then, your laundry machine works through rotation.

Now, when the machine is rotating, the magnets attract the water molecules.

It’s through this process that you get reduced water surface tension.

This allows dirt to dissolve faster and makes cleaning more efficient.

Why MLS?

  • Its cost saving: The magnets are built for the long haul and come with a 50-year warranty. Thus, you will neither budget for detergents again nor will you purchase a new MLS in the near future. Plus,  you can use less water when cleaning-further saving on water bills
  • Less effort: Cleaning is easy and straightforward and subsequently time-saving.
  • It’s safe: No hazardous chemicals or irritants. It’s pure magnetism!
  • It’s effective: It cleans as well as the best detergents
  • It’s environmentally friendly: It doesn’t emit harmful residues into the rivers or other water bodies


99% of commercial detergents release harmful substances and may lead to serious health problems in the future.

However, we have the revolutionary Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) -a safe, economical, environmentally respectful, new and a super effective substitute vs hazardous detergents

Try it today and let us know how it went in the comments section.