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San Diego, December 1, 2011– In the United States, the disposal of hazardous waste has been a topic of contention and has resulted in environmental efforts and the development of legal guidelines for the safe disposal of hazardous waste that is toxic and harmful to the environment.  Hazardous waste (HW) is defined as waste that is harmful or potentially dangerous to the environment. However, toxic waste is not limited to industries and can come from everyday household and personal goods.

Household Hazardous Waste or HHW is defined as leftover household products that contain toxic, corrosive or reactive ingredients that are considered harmful to the environment. Some examples of Household Hazardous Waste are paint, disinfectants, oils and batteries.

In the effort to conserve and replenish the environment, governments, industries, groups and individuals have taken the steps to reduce the harmful effects their actions may have on the planet, their health and their household.

In response to the growing number of eco-conscious households in the United States, manufacturers have introduced green everyday products that are effective and environmentally safe to use. One such company is Sapphire Green Earth, an independent supplier of green, non-toxic and natural household cleaning and personal care products. The company offers an easy and convenient way for homes and businesses to switch from toxic products to natural, non-toxic goods. Households and businesses can view, and order competitively priced products directly from The website also contains news, tips and other useful information on how to switch to a natural, non-toxic lifestyle.

Sapphire Green Earth was founded to provide families and individuals with the tools to protect their health, household and planet from the damage of toxic chemicals and hazardous waste.

Ricardo James, cofounder and Managing Partner of Sapphire Green Earth, says “We believe in the importance of change. Change for a healthy body, a healthy home and family, and a healthy earth.” He said, “Toxic chemicals are present in many common everyday products such as shampoos, disinfectants, cleaners and even lotions. Our mission is to provide a convenient and safe alternative.”

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About Sapphire Green Earth, LLC
Sapphire Green Earth is a one-stop shop for natural and non-toxic goods for your home and family. We are an independent supplier that offers ONLY non-toxic, all natural, organic, eco-friendly everyday items. Our products range from personal care goods and household cleaners to pet care products. Sapphire Green Earth is dedicated to creating a convenient and inexpensive way to switch to a natural, environmentally respectful way-of-life. To learn more please visit Contact us directly by emailing or by calling 1-800-268-8285.