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Is there a commercial that makes you want to roll your eyes and gag because it’s so corny? Mine is Glade Plugins. The irony is when you find yourself acting out your most eye-rolling commercial scene.  Well, that’s what I found myself doing with the Sapphire Green Earth all natural, organic soaps.

Open scene: walk into the house, sniff, take in a deep exaggerated breath, and smile like a buffoon. Close Scene.

Fortunately, the instinctual pleasure produced by these soaps does not stop at the enveloping scent of nature’s finest gifts. The Sapphire Green Earth organic soap bars leave your skin feeling silky-smooth and purely clean.

Sapphire Green Earth recently released 13 varieties of all natural, organic soaps that, quite frankly, create a smell and feel like heaven on earth. Made from earth’s best ingredients like Palm and Coconut oil, Aloe, Oatmeal and Cocoa powder among others, Sapphire Green Earth all natural soap bars turn any shower into an experience.These all natural, organic soap bars are made from plant-based ingredients that work to soften, moisturize and hydrate without leaving any toxic residue. The beauty in these soaps is the transparency, where ingredients are visible to the naked eye. This helps supporters of all-natural and green beauty see exactly what goes on their skin.

However, be aware. You may experience strangers sniffing you when you walk past. Don’t fret, it’s not malicious. They just can’t resist the sudden feeling of running through a lavender field, swimming in the Caribbean and working in a citrus grove. It’s intoxicating, naturally.

The Sapphire Green Earth all natural, organic soaps are made with certified organic ingredients and serve  the body as: Healing, Soothing, Therapeutic, Antibacterial , Purifying, Moisturizing, Exfoliating  and more.

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