MegaHydrate Crystal Energy Combo

New New MegaHydrate Crystal Energy Combo

Silica hydride, the main ingredient in Megahydrate, contains an extraordinary antioxidant that outshines all the other ones available on the market. An antioxidant is a substance that helps your body fend off harmful chemicals or free radicals which are linked to various health conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, aging, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart and brain diseases. Unlike other antioxidants, Megahydrate targets all types of free radicals and does not lead to the production of more free radicals.

The negatively charged hydrogen ions are found in the water of remote regions where people live healthily past 100 years old. Now it is in Megahydrate acting as an antioxidant. Some antioxidants, Vitamin C for example, could sometimes do more harm than good because instead of neutralizing the free radicals, they can turn around and make your body produce more free radicals. The negatively charged hydrogen ion in Megahydrate does not generate free radicals and the by-product of its reaction would simply be water. It is also capable of targeting all sizes and shapes of free radicals whereas the other antioxidants are limited to specific targets. Besides providing your body with the supreme antioxidant that could possibly lower your risk of various diseases, silica hydride has also been scientifically proven to improve body hydration. Body hydration is crucial to healthy living because our cells need proper amount of water to function normally. Unfortunately as we get older, our body doesn’t retain water as easily as before. With the Megahydrate, your cells would be more hydrated and could then carry nutrients and remove toxic waste from your body more effectively.

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Intended Usage Take 2 capsules a day and a bottle would last you up to 1 month.

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