Magnetic Laundry System

-33% -33% Magnetic Laundry System

This patented technology is proven to be a durable, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to laundry detergent, completely eliminating your reliance on harsh chemical detergents forever.The truth is water is a powerful element and a universal solvent. Detergent simply enhances water’s already existing powerful cleaning potential. How? By changing the surface tension of the water. This helps water molecules become more spaced out and slippery to pull out the dirt trapped in dirty clothes.

With multiple permanent magnets arranged in a unique configuration, the MLS generates a powerful magnetic field to do just that, to change the surface tension of the water, – just like detergent does, only without all the toxic chemicals.

No more wasting money on harsh chemical detergents many of which are made of synthetic, hazardous, petroleum based chemicals – which are linked to health problems: headaches, skin sensitivities, allergies, respiratory irritations, asthma and even cancer.

These chemicals don’t rinse out; they hang around as residue and get absorbed through your skin over time, build up in the body and can wreak havoc on your health.When they do rinse out they go on to polluting our water supply, aquatic life, and environment.Just imagine how much chemicals have ended up in your body, how much money you have spent on detergent, and how much energy you have wasted battling with skin sensitivities and allergies. Make the switch today!

This set comes with 2 individual magnet.

Specifications Instructions Simply put the MLS in your washer. You can leave the magnets in there and never think about them again. It is a reusable, onetime buy, with a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty. Note: Depending on the material, the magnets may or may not stick to the drum. However, as long as the magnets are near water or immersed in water, they will create magnetism to change the property of the water. In other words, they will still work. If your magnets don’t stick to the drum, please place them in thick socks or jean pockets to prevent the magnets from creating noises.

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