CureCeuticals® Sexy Legs Lotion - 4oz

CureCeuticals® Sexy Legs Lotion - 4oz

CureCeuticals® Sexy Legs Lotion cleans your skin with powerful, natural citrus bioflavonoids. Soothes out blemishes and scars with potent, pure and organic manuka honey. Organic manuka honey promotes rapid nourishment to dry skin, while organic aloe vera inner gel leaves your legs feeling clean, moisturized, smooth, soft, and sexy all day long.


Product Features:

  • Improves Scars and Blemishes
  • Heals Dry Skin
  • Improves the Appearance of Itchy, Scaly Skin
  • Cleans, Soothes, and Softens Skin
  • 100% Natural & Safe
  • Made with Certified Organic Manuka Honey and Certified Organic Inner Aloe Vera Gel
Ingredients Powerful Certified Organic Manuka Honey, Powerful Real Aloe Vera Inner Gel (containing more than 15% acemannan content - this is 4 to 10 times greater that other aloe products) and our powerful blend of citric acid, malic acid, and glycerin from vegetables.
Usage Use CureCeuticals® Sexy Legs Lotion from hips to toes as often as needed, especially: •After sun exposure •Before intimacy •For dry skin •Before and After the gym •After shaving and showering •Also apply to feet, between the toes, and heel.

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