Healthy Place Botanicals Triple Strength Advanced Gel Hand Sanitizer - 1oz

New New Healthy Place Botanicals Triple Strength Advanced Gel Hand Sanitizer - 1oz

Healthy Place Botanicals 100% Organic Triple Strength Advanced Spray Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of Viruses, Germs and Bacteria.  This Alkaline-based hand sanitizer contains Nano Silver, Pure Oregano, Pure Tea Tree and Pure Lemon Essential Oils.  These oils penetrate the skin, are absorbed at the cellular level and can help build and support your immune system.  

Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers quickly evaporate and are no longer effective within 2 minutes, 2 seconds, leaving the skin dry and pores open to surface germs, bacteria, and viruses.  When applied to the hands, this alcohol-free, 100% organic, triple strength alkaline-based formula can kill 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria, while providing protection for up to 4 hours.

When organic essential oils are applied to the skin, the healing components are absorbed into the bloodstream through pores and hair follicles. Once inside the bloodstream, they disperse to the specific organs and systems on which they work.  This provides powerful protection to build and support your immune system.

The ingredients combined have natural antioxidants, are antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and work as a disinfectant.  They also contain other nutritional properties such as Vitamin C, alpha and beta carotenes, and lutein, in addition to Vitamin A, Folate and B-vitamins, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Calcium, and Pectin.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Alcohol and Chemical Free
  • 100% Organic, All Natural and Non-toxic
  • Kill 99.99% of Viruses, Germs and Bacteria
  • Proprietary Alkaline-based Formula Provides Minerals and Oxygenates at the Cellular Level
  • Contains Nano Silver, a Natural Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Supports the Whole Body's Immune System
  • Provides Residual Protection for Up to 4 Hours
  • Helps Build and Support Your Immune System
  • Lasts 30 days when Used up to 7 Times a Day
  • Contains Pure Oregano, Tea Tree and Lemon Essential Oils

Specifications Alkaline-base: The proprietary formula is full of minerals which help to oxygenate the cells with smaller water molecules that provide more hydration and deeper penetration into the skin when used. Nano Silver: Is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and supports the whole body immune system builder. Oregano: Oregano Essential Oil contains a high concentration of compounds with antioxidant, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Most abundant in the oil is a Phenol called Carvacrol. Thymol is a Phenol in Oregano with antifungal properties, it also has Rosmarinic Acid, a powerful antioxidant that may help protect against damage to cells free radicals can cause. Oregano Essential Oil has high amounts of Omega-3s, Iron, Manganese and Vitamin K. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is one of the most well-known essential oils for purifying, cleansing and effectively supports wellness and has fast and effective healing capabilities. Lemon Oil: Lemons are for more than just lemonade and baking. They are excellent for the skin and eliminating toxins, disinfecting surfaces. How It Works: When used up to 7 Times in a Day a bottle of the Triple Strength Advanced Gel Hand Sanitizer will last up to 30 Days. Pump 1 Drop into hands and rub hands together until dissolved. PRECAUTIONS: Keep away from eyes.

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