Luxury Between Your Fingers

Posted by Sapphire 25/01/2017 0 Comment(s)

It’s like smooth honey against a tropical waterfall. It’s a burst of clean, natural aromas that fills the room with the scent of Jasmine or Lemongrass that engulfs the senses in nature’s most luxurious fragrance. It’s Organic Foaming Hand Soap by Sapphire Green Earth

The Sapphire Green Earth Organic Foaming Hand Soap is luxury with a pump. For compulsive hand-washers who experience dry, peeling hands, this hand soap is a blessing in disguise. It’s soft, light and non-greasy and works to keep hands clean and fresh.  Right after the first wash, it becomes obvious that other hand soaps have been lacking in well, many aspects. Dramatics aside, it feels like it’s the very first time you washed your hands the right way.

The Organic Foaming Hand Soap by Sapphire Green Earth is quickly becoming a favorite for good reason.  It provides an unexpected clean feeling that puts other hand soaps to shame. In addition, although feminine in smell, this hand soap has turned even the un-frilliest of men into big fans. 

When investigated, the reason for its appeal is apparent. A natural, organic product, it contains the best ingredients nature has to offer without the toxic chemicals that dry out and poison the skin and the planet. It is made up of Coconut Oils, Olive and Jojoba oils and Organic Aloe Vera.

The Organic Foaming Hand Soap is a great gift for the Green-conscious who find themselves constantly washing their hands and experiencing dry and cracked skin. It comes in two intoxicating scents, Lemongrass Groves and Lavender Luxury.

Learn more about the Organic Foaming Hand Soap here and get one for you and your friends this holiday season.

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