Fuji EnviroMAX Batteries

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Here’s a question. Would you rather watch hours of PBS Specials on Paper Mache in Today’s World, or get up and change the TV channel?

Batteries power almost every aspect of our daily activities (and non-activities). They are part of what makes life so convenient to the point of dependence, and they power that TV remote.

Here’s another question. Name one of the Seven Wonders of the World? Ok, let’s go with the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The great pyramid of Egypt is a man-made marvel that rises to a glorious height of 481 feet, and is 756 feet by 756 feet at the base.  It is an inspirational sight that gives testament to the magic of human imagination and perspiration. Nothing else portrays the power and impact of the human race except one other monument: Trash.  There is a trend towards reducing the number of landfills in the United States. If we eventually peaked at one landfill that would serve the whole nation, the amount of trash accumulated over 100-years would be equivalent to 32 times the size of the great pyramid of Egypt.  That’s a ton of trash.

Americans produce approximately three to four pounds of trash each day. The amount of household hazardous waste is just as concerning. Over four million pounds of household hazardous waste is produced each year. That’s enough household hazardous waste to fill up the New Orleans Superdome over a thousand times. Household Hazardous waste includes paint, batteries, cleaners, insecticides and other chemical-based everyday items. When it comes to batteries, Americans dispose an average of 180 thousand tons of used batteries each year.

Batteries are made up of mercury and cadmium which are toxic metals. The effect of these electronic pollutants raises many environmental concerns because of the damage they have on the planet.

In an effort to limit the damage to the earth and to our health, Sapphire Green Earth now offers Eco-friendly batteries, Fuji EnviroMax Batteries which do not contain toxic metal pollutants like Mercury, Cadmium and PVC. The Fuji EnviroMax Batteries are safe for landfills because they do not discharge chemicals that are hazardous to the ozone. In addition, they have a long shelf life therefore limiting the amount of waste each year. So when it comes to choosing to watch hours of PBS programming or get up and change the channel, make another choice, get new batteries that don’t do any damage to your planet. One Earth, One Choice! Choose Earth.

To learn more about the Fuji EnviroMax Batteries, please click here. To get more useful information on how to turn your household from a chemical-based, toxic environment to a safe, all natural and green sanctuary, please visit us at www.sapphiregreenearth.com


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