Ecover Dishwasher Powder and Tablets

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Ever feel guilty about running the dishwasher?  Do you wonder if it’s more environmentally responsible to hand-wash? Truth be told, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all and because of that, we have to compromise.

By the time we get the family up and ready for school and work, make breakfast and school lunches, go to work, worry about the things we need to do or needs we haven’t met, come back from work, cook dinner and dump the dirty dishes in the sink, all the energy we have left is for brushing our teeth and falling asleep.

 So maybe we’re not Green Superwomen yet, but we’re getting there. As Earth supporters, we understand the damage our daily activities can have on our home and the environment. That’s why we worry about dishwasher use. Here’s some good news! Modern dishwashers use about 50% of the energy and a 6th of the water used while hand-washing. YAY! That’s one guilt item off the list.

Now, are you ready for the bad news? That dishwashing powder you are using could be harming your household as well as the environment. But there’s a way to change that.

Unlike eco-friendly products, chemical-based dishwashing powders contain Phosphate. Phosphates are a water-softening agent that causes increased fertilization of algae when introduced into the waterways. This overabundance in algae results in the depletion of oxygen in bodies of water thereby suffocating rivers, lakes and oceans and killing marine life.  

Sapphire Green Earth, a provider of green, non-toxic and natural household and personal care products, now offers Ecover Dishwasher Powder and Tablets.  These ecological automatic dishwasher cleaning agents are Phosphate free, contain NO chlorine bleach, have fast and complete biodegradability and have little to no impact on aquatic life.  Ecover dishwasher cleaners are a great green alternative to chemical-based dishwashing products, and are made from plant and mineral ingredients that will not negatively affect the body or the environment.

Learn more about Ecover Dishwasher Powder and Tablets here.

No one expects you to do it all; besides, you’re already one step closer to becoming the Green Superwoman you were destined to be. 

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