Ecover Bathroom Cleaner

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Images of yellow rubber gloves, head scarf and almost-visible toxic fumes of ammonia come to mind when the question “who’s cleaning the bathroom?’ arises.  There’s a reason bathroom cleaning is always the last chore to get crossed off on the ‘to do’ list. It’s a necessary task but never any fun.

In a national Chore Wars study on the most despised household chores, both adults and children ranked ‘cleaning the bathroom’ as the number one most despised chore. The findings come as no surprise especially when one is privy to the bargaining tools used to get out of cleaning the bathrooms.

Unfortunately, it’s a necessary annoyance. However, it is an annoyance that could be dangerous to your health. Bathrooms are small, damp spaces. When combined with toxic chemicals from chemical-based cleaning products, the effects on the body can be damaging.

Ecover Bathroom Cleaner - 16oz

Most cleaning products including bathroom cleaners contain ammonia, a chemical compound that is a strong cleaning agent because of its ability to cut through grease and scum effectively. However, even at standard room temperatures, ammonia gives off toxic fumes that are harmful to the body. Continuous exposure to ammonia can result in upper respiratory problems including Bronchitis.  

In addition to ammonia, chemical-based bathroom cleaning products also contain other harmful toxins such sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is present in products with ‘scrubbing bubbles’. Over exposure to SLS can cause irritation to the skin.

So, when bribery, trade, or begging does not work, what options are open to the poor soul who has been designated the bathroom cleaning chore?  Not much, except the option to make the ordeal less harmful to their health by switching to a green alternative such as the Ecover Bathroom Cleaner

The Ecover Bathroom Cleaner is a non-toxic yet effective bathroom cleaner that is tough on bathroom scum (so you’re not on hands and knees, wearing ugly rubber gloves and scrubbing for ages) and kind to your health and to the planet.

Ecover Bathroom Cleaner is biodegradable, suitable for septic tanks and kind to marine life. It is made with plant-based materials and does not leave any toxic residuals lingering. Most importantly, it’s effective.

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You can’t run from cleaning your bathroom, but you can eliminate the damage it could do to your health and home. 

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