CureCeuticals Organic Fresh Me Up, Mouth Wash and Throat Spray

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Oh memories.  Remember when we were kids? The good old days when you knew where you stood. You knew if your clothes were all wrong; if you said something dumb; if your breath smelled like a putrid skunk. Kids can be so cruel… and so kind. As adults, we mosey along with absolutely no idea about the social wrongs we may be inflicting on others. Social wrongs like Halitosis.

Halitosis is a complex problem and goes beyond dealing with bad breath. It could be caused by a variety of reasons including bad diet, bad dental health, and certain medical ailments like diabetes or kidney disease. However, over 80% of cases can be linked to an unhealthy mouth (tooth decay, dry mouth and gum disease).

CureCeuticals® Organic Mouth Wash & Throat Spray - 8oz

Mouth Wash is a good remedy to combat halitosis. However, chemical-based mouth wash and throat spray could temporarily mask the problem only to exacerbate it in the future. Chemical-based mouth washes contain alcohol, an active ingredient which kills the bacteria responsible for halitosis. Unfortunately, alcohol also dries out the mouth, which increases the growth of bacteria, hence causing the problem to reoccur.

Natural-based mouth wash, like CureCeuticals Organic Mouth Wash & Throat Spray, is a better option for those interested in a permanent solution to halitosis. It is 100% natural and effectively manages odor-causing bacteria. It is also an anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants that promote oral health. Most importantly, unlike chemical-based products, CureCeuticals Organic Mouth Wash & Throat Spray does not contain alcohol.

CureCeuticals Organic Mouth Wash & Throat Spray is recommended by dentists and is a natural, safe alternative to toxic, chemical-based options.

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