CureCeuticals Foot Odor Spray

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There’s no nice way to put it. Your feet stink. My feet stink. A lot of Americans are affected b y smelly feet. This embarrassing yet common condition is called Bromohydrosis aka, Smelly Feet Syndrome and it does not indicate that a person is unhygienic. They’re just having a regrettably cheesy day. This brings us to two options. Deal with the problem or forever keep your shoes on.

We decided to deal with the problem.  CureCeuticals® Foot Odor Spray - 6oz

Did you know there were 250,000 sweat glands in the feet? That’s 250,000 potential opportunities for stinky feet.

Smelly Feet Syndrome or Bromohydrosis can be caused by several things including excessive sweating also known as Hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating creates moisture that provides a dark and damp breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. When the bacteria and yeast break down and combine, they produce an unpleasant, cheesy smell.

Other causes of smelly feet include excessive anxiety, certain skin conditions and medical conditions like diabetes and circulatory diseases. Interestingly, many causes of smelly feet syndrome are easily preventable. Remember when you mama told you to wear cotton because it was breathable? Well, she was right. Nylon socks contribute to smelly feet because they do not provide ventilation to the feet. Ill fitting shoes and of course, poor hygiene, also contribute to smelly feet syndrome.

There are some common sense methods of preventing or treating smelly leg syndrome such as changing socks daily, keeping feet clean and dry, especially between the toes and wearing well-ventilated shoes.

For tough cases of Bromohydrosis, using foot sprays can lessen the discomfort and smell.  Sapphire Green Earth carries an all-natural, green product that kills the odor-causing bacteria and fungus, eliminating not just the smell but the source of the smell. CureCeuticals Foot Odor Spray is made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients including 100% Certified Organic Manuka Honey.

To learn more about dealing with your stinky feet with an organic, all-natural product, please click the link below.

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