When it Comes to DEET, Just Say NO!

Posted by Sapphire 25/01/2017 0 Comment(s)

Although DEET (Diethyl Toluamide) is commonly used in most insect repellents, it is also potentially very toxic with long-term effects, especially for our little ones.  DEET was developed by the Army during World War II for use in jungle warfare, and initially tested as a pesticide. While percentages under 30% are deemed safe by the EPA, numerous studies have revealed that it can have many ill effects when absorbed into the blood stream, including skin disorders, neurological damage, seizures, moodiness, insomnia, and much more.  DEET is also effectively used as a solvent, dissolving everything from paint to nail polish! 


Fortunately, the fight to stave off mosquitoes no longer requires us to jeapordize our health in the process!  To the contrary, there is an all natural insect repellent, the BugPatch, which has beneficial health effects.  The BugPatch is made with Thiamin B1  and comes in the form of an adhesive patch.  One patch can protect you for 24-48 hours, eliminating the need for repeat applications of smelly, messy, toxic sprays.  For more information on this safe and effective insect repellent, please click here

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