Sexy Legs Lotion

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Ashy, crusty, scaly, alligator legs…. It is rough (excuse the pun) keeping those legs silky smooth, especially during the fall and winter months. Yes, many of us will banish our razors for the cold, dry season and regress back to the good, old pair of stockings, but unless we plan to live out the next few months in woolly-mammoth exile, dry skin is just something we’re going to have to deal with.

There are many products on the market designed to provide a solution for keeping your legs smooth and silky and they work – but at what cost?

In the search for relief from the effects of dry weather, one word plays a big role – Moisture. Many products on the market promise this. Some deliver and some don’t. But one thing that is guaranteed is that these chemical-based products are harmful to your body and to the planet.

The most common ingredient used in leg lotions and other moisturizing personal care products is Petrolatum. Petrolatum is a product of Crude Oil which is also used in fuels. It is potentially damaging to the lungs and is not a renewable resource. Another popular ingredient in toxin-based leg lotions is Propylene glycol, a neurotoxin, which can cause respiratory problems as well as eye irritation.

For those who make an effort to keep their beauty regiment Green, and prefer non-toxic, natural, organic alternatives, there is a product for you: ‘Sexy Legs Lotion’ by CureCeuticals. Sexy Legs is a natural, organic leg lotion made from natural, toxin-free products like Manuka Honey, Tea-Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Green Tea Extract.    


Learn more about ‘Sexy Legs’ and other Green Beauty Products at

Sexy Legs Lotion gives you exactly what it says – Sexy Legs. It gives rough, dry legs a natural smoothness, and not only moisturizes, but holistically heals your skin inside out. Sexy Legs moisturizes your legs; clears up unsightly scars and blemishes, all without polluting your skin, body and mother Earth with toxic chemicals.

So during this cold, dry season, don’t neglect your legs. You can still care for your skin without damaging your health or the planet, because Green Beauty is possible. Place your order of Sexy Legstoday and get those legs Sexy for the holidays. 

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