Sapphire Green Earth Organic Pet Shampoo

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We Eco-lovers have various motivations behind our desire to live green; however, when it comes to our pets, the primary concern behind using green, all-natural and organic products is simply to provide a healthy, chemical-free and toxin-free existence. 

Pets are like furry kids. They like to play in dirt, they put almost anything in their mouths, they’re curious and excited and they bring a lot of joy to our lives. And just like kids, the majority of our pets would rather have a mud-bath than a real bath.

Organic Pet Shampoo - 16oz

There’s nothing funny (actually, there’s plenty funny), about watching a pet-owner trying to get their pet to take a bath.  First, all escape routes must be blocked while pretending nothing is going on because if those pets catch a whiff of your intentions, they’ll disappear before you can say Rover. Secondly, there’s the conversation. Trying to convince your pet that in fact, they really really want a bath never works, but it’s worth a try. Negotiations follow, and may work depending on the presence and flavor of bribes, ahem, I mean treats.  In the end, there will be diving to catch, reaching under furniture to pull, and finally carrying your wiggling pet to the bathtub. And make no mistake; your pet will get back at you.  Do they really need to shake off water so often during a bath? Maybe that offended look they have hints that all the shaking is to get that water, dirt and soap concoction all over you.  For the pet-parents with the toy dogs and smaller pets, good choice; for that poor soul with the 120lbs bundle of joy, purchasing a wet-suit may be in your best interest.

But a clean pet is a happy pet. And a green, clean pet is a healthy one.

Sapphire Green Earth now offers an organic pet shampoo that is safe for pets and the environment. It is made from organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, is hypoallergenic and does not contain petroleum or any animal by-products. The Sapphire Green Earth Organic Pet Shampoo is gentle on your pet’s skin and the absence of chemical-based ingredients reduces dryness and itchiness usually associated with toxic-based shampoos.  In addition, the essential oils present in Sapphire Green Earth Organic Pet Shampoo work as a natural repellent against fleas and ticks.

Removing toxins from your life and switching to green living is a beautiful thing. Make sure to involve your entire home and family, including your furry companions that are such an integral part of your life.

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