Sapphire Green Earth Organic Mat Cleaner

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For Yoga enthusiasts, a workout is more than a workout.  It’s an immersion into the body and spirit. Those who practice yoga regularly usually own their own mats, but the sporadic yoga practitioners typically use yoga mats made available by their studios. The rules are the same, clean your mats regularly.

Organic Exercise Mat Cleaner - 8oz

 One of the foundations of Yoga is cleanliness; Cleanliness of your body, your surroundings, your soul. Cleanliness of your yoga mat is paramount to a fulfilling and spiritual experience.

During a yoga session, the body releases excessive sweat and toxins onto your mat. If not cleaned regularly and properly, bacteria can accumulate and very quickly becomes a Petri dish. Sweat released from even one session of yoga is enough to build up harmful bacteria and odor. Keeping your yoga mat clean is important but the cleaner you choose is just as important.

Chemical-based cleaners are damaging to the planet, however, they are also dangerous to your health. As with antibiotics, bacteria can adapt and develop new strains in response to chemical-based cleaners which means that your yoga mat may be a breeding ground for new strains of bacteria.

Sapphire Green Earth recently introduced the Organic Mat Cleaner,  an all-natural, chemical-free mat cleaner that effectively removes bacteria without leaving toxic chemicals that can damage your health and pollute mother earth. In addition, due to nature’s superior protection, bacteria do not develop new strains in response to natural disinfectants.

The Sapphire Green Earth Organic Mat Cleaner is hypoallergenic, free of chemicals, artificial colors and preservatives. It gently cleans mats, foam blocks and other exercise equipment, leaving them clean, fresh and chemical free.  

Remove the toxins from your life and let your yoga experience bring you only health and happiness.


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