Sapphire Green Earth Organic Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

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Nothing looks and tastes better than a colorful, tasty display of fresh fruits and vegetables. Bright and vibrant, fresh produce does wonders for the body and is part of a healthy diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a natural method of detoxification, with natural enzymes that increase energy, reduce weight and provide an effective and inexpensive way to stay young.  

Organic Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner - 16oz

Unfortunately, chemicals used to grow and preserve fruits and vegetables are causing havoc to our bodies and our environment. Synthetic pesticides and preservatives are used almost predominantly in commercial agriculture. These chemical pollutants go from the farm to our plates and can be dangerous to our health. Toxic pesticides and preservatives can affect our metabolism, and even our nervous systemThey have been known to cause immediate and delayed health problems such as allergies and cancer.

One of the best defenses against agricultural harms is to avoid toxic pesticides and preservatives in food. This can be done by thoroughly cleansing the fruit and vegetables we purchase using natural, organic fruit and vegetable cleaners.

Sapphire Green Earth Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner gently washes away chemical preservatives and pesticides, fertilizers, fungus and wax, which is used to make fruits and vegetables look more appealing. The organic Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner does not contain ANY toxins which take away from the natural goodness of fresh produce. It is made up of organic oils; aloe vera, and a naturla preservative.  .

Sapphire Green Earth is dedicated to providing simple, everyday solutions that eliminate toxic chemicals from our homes, lives and bodies. The concern about fresh produce is particularly high because of the direct introduction of food into our bodies that could be loaded with dangerous toxic chemicals. You can start protecting you and your family by removing harmful pollutants from your food with organic fruit and vegetable cleaners.

We have one body, one Earth and one choice. Protect them.

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