The Energy Efficient, ‘Fresh Air’ TiO2 Coated Light Bulb

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What’s so special about a light bulb apart from the lighting? Well, not much unless you’re concerned about energy efficiency, utility bills and smelly rooms.


There is nothing worse than chatting to people at your holiday party and cringing with the knowledge that your home smells like an overripe fruit/ litter box/ garbage truck all mixed up in a bowl of potpourri. It doesn’t matter that you just spent hours cleaning your house from top to bottom and the only difference the scented candles make is they add a sweet, ripe aroma to the already noxious vapors.


It sounds extreme but it’s something that many households experience, especially during the holidays. Think about it, have you ever shepherded a guest to another part of the house to avoid odors? Have you ever blamed the dog, the cat or the garbage truck in the middle of a dinner conversation you were hosting? If you answered yes to any of these, chances are, you’re experiencing smelly-house syndrome.


What’s so special about light bulbs? There is something very special about the Fresh2 Titanium Dioxide Coated (TiO2) Light Bulbs.  The Fresh2 Light bulbs are special for several reasons. They provide approximately 10,000 hours of light (compared to 750 hours of light from a typical incandescent bulb) and they save over 70% in energy costs. Plus, they are compatible with regular incandescent bulb sockets. However, the most impressive characteristic is that these light bulbs work to eliminate odor. Not mask them, eliminate them.


Unlike common air fresheners which can also contain toxic-chemicals, titanium dioxide coated light bulbs work to break down odors and remove them. When switched on, the Fresh2 TiO2 light bulb releases oxidizers present in the titanium dioxide coating, which break down odor-causing particles completely eliminating them. The result is a fresh, clean smelling home devoid of sickly-sweet candle scents and chemical-based Air Fresheners.


So don’t spend the holidays worried about odors. Get relief from smelly-house syndrome and get your Fresh2 Titanium Coated Light Bulbs today. It’s a great green alternative from your green friends at Sapphire Green Earth.    


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