Shungite - The Stone of Life

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Shungite - The Stone of Life

Alfred Bernhard Nobel, the legendary Swedish chemist and inventor, was born in 1833, many centuries after the ancient man had first learnt about Shungite, the miracle stone.

His path and that of this precious stone were to cross, though posthumously in 1996, when scientists Richard Smalley, Harold W. Kroto, and Robert Curl were named that year’s winners of the grandest prize in chemistry, the Nobel prize.


They had discovered Fullerenes, the carbon allotrope which was fast gaining recognition for its immense therapeutic properties.

But that’s just half of the story because the game-changing carbon-based molecules were found in the enigmatic mineral, the Shungite, whose origin has mystified scientists to this day.

Nevertheless, the Noble award brought the magical rock to the limelight and triggered fervent calls for more research into its potential applications in medicinal chemistry.

Eventually, the entire paradigm of medical treatment – and natural healing in general – would witness dramatic changes based on what was happening in labs scattered all over the world.

And at the forefront would be the great mythical stone, Shungite.

This post will take you on an interesting tour of the ‘stone of life’, as shungite is fondly called.


What Is Shungite?

Shungite is a black, coal-like mineral comprised primarily of carbon (some say as much as 98%) and is said to have occurred naturally over 2 billion years ago.

Precisely how the rock turned up seems to escape everyone, with most of the theories – scientific and religious- remaining unproven.  

Where On Earth Can You Find Shungite?

Shungite is mainly found embedded in rocks in Russia with the largest deposits found around the now famous Lake Onega, Russia’s second largest lake and one of the chief tourist attractions in the northwest region of Karelia.

The lake is near Shunga, hence the name Shungite.

Smaller occurrences have been reported at Vozhmozero, still in Karelia, Kamchatka, the extremely geologically active peninsula in the Far East, and in one of the coal mines at Chelyabinsk, west-central Russia.

You have to travel far and wide to find other Shungite-bearing rocks; India, Ukraine, Austria, Finland, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Belarus and lastly, the mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa.

How Does Shungite Occur?

Shungite is either disseminated within a host rock or as some mobilized material. 

Some miners handle the brighter migrated shungite which occur, for example, in layers similar to the host rock layering.

Shungite has also been known to ‘live’ within young sedimentary rocks as constituent fragments.




Who Is Shungite For?

The abundance of benefits has made the mineral a mainstay in many homes with users especially praising its curative qualities.

It has even attracted big names like Peter the great, Russia’s long time czar who is said to have enjoyed its tremendous preventative and restorative qualities until his death in the 18th century.

It’s also believed that some people have actually been aware of the mineral’s many other powers for years.

The period after 1996 ushered Shungite to every corner of the world and with researchers continuously unearthing fresh uses, it seems as if the stone has something for everyone.

Minerals Found In Shungite

Shungite is one of the richest minerals on earth and carries almost all the essentials. It has carbon (86.43%), copper (0.2%), magnesium (1.33%), sodium (0.18%), chlorine (0.22%), sulfur (1.09%), potassium (0.95%), silicon (3.17%), calcium (5.33%), and iron (1.06%).

Uses Of Shungite

It’s because of its countless uses that this supernatural mineral has won hordes of fans.

Here is how you can reap from this sensational rock:

  1. Allergies

Even in the ancient days when medicine was non-existent, man is said to have used shungite to tackle various allergies by bathing with shungite water.

It is thought that some of the minerals in the stone have an antihistamine effect that reduces the severity of some common allergies.


  1. Skin diseases

In one study, scholars found that shungite-treatments improved the texture and elasticity of skin in rats.

Furthermore, pigmentation, roughness and wrinkles were significantly reduced and showed improvement after at least 7 days of shungite application. 

These and other results have prompted some practitioners to recommend it for bathing due to its special antibacterial effects.

Additionally, external use of shungite-purified water can help cure acne and promotes skin regeneration.

  1. Improved Body Immunity

Shungite stones are known to have many therapeutic properties and help improve your overall immune system.

The idea is to take at least three glasses of shungite-treated water daily as part of preventive care. 

This will keep infectious microorganisms away, most of the time translating into a healthier you as its inherent qualities fight disease-causing microbes. 


Shungite stone, Image source: Pixabay


  1. Water Purification

Shungite has terrific water purifying properties. Indeed, it’s this wonderful water cleansing quality that first attracted Peter the Great to the mineral.

He built Russia's first spa in Karelia to maximize the cool, pure water. The purified water would later be used by the Russian army.

Shungite’s anti-bacterial properties have already been verified by modern tests with results showing that it absorbs up to a staggering 95% of water pollutants including heavy metals, organic compounds, and harmful microorganisms. 

Even the taste is, by the way, delicious for you, as well as your furry friends.

  1. Hair Loss

Karelian shungite’s impressive antioxidant effect helps protect scalp skin cells as well as hair follicles from marauding free radicals.

Some companies have even gone ahead to manufacture perfectly balanced shungite formulas that significantly reduce hair loss.

  1. Antioxidant

The group of scientists also wanted to examine the effectiveness of the fullerene-based antioxidants found in the stone.

And true, it didn’t disappoint.

Shungite has vast antioxidant effects as it minimizes the production of bad cells while improving the activities of beneficial enzymes. 

This attribute helps ward off common cell damage by removing waste products from our cells and “cleaning up” free radicals before they can harm us.

Indeed, fullerenes, found in this miraculous working stone are regarded as one of the most powerful and long-acting antioxidants in the fight against free radicals.

  1. Stress Busting

Taking a crystal shungite bath helps pull anxieties, stress, exhaustion, and fatigue. This gives a unique calming effect making it one of the surest ways to relax at home after a long, stressful day.

Soaking in shungite infused water also promotes deep muscles relaxation, eases tension, and even migraines caused by stress.

  1. Normalizes Sleep

Shungite can help with insomnia and irregular sleep by creating an improved body balance.

Some factories make pyramid shaped shungite crystals which are thought to bring a serene emotional feeling when held or placed on the body, improving the quality of sleep.


  1. Cell rejuvenation

Apart from cleaning up messed cells, Shungite purified water is also credited with cell rejuvenation.

Once it gets to the system, the molecule is said to reenergize enzymes that help cells grow much faster leading to improved physical health.

The catalyst transformation is also thought to lower negative biological chemical reactions that stunt cell growth.


  1. Boosts energy

Shungite pieces in your drinking water reinvigorate body muscles and gulping down a glass can bring an accelerated resolution when feeling worn out.

The mineral is also used as a balancing stone to balance out your body – left and right. It’s well-known that keeping your body perfectly balanced helps you feel reenergized.

On the same note, the mineral is said to improve fertility and sexual vitality.


Benefits of Shungite

It is widely known that the world is teeming with compounds and plants with excellent curative and preventative qualities.

So, what is extraordinary about this supernatural stone?

  • Shungite Is Safe

Shungite is mainly naturally occurring activated carbon and has fewer impurities dissolved in it. It’s thus 100% safe to use and there have been no officially documented cases of side effects.


  • Shungite Is Easier to Use

Sure, shungite has traditionally been quite difficult to access. However, its popularity has coincided with its being more accessible and is now readily available for purchase both online and offline.

Furthermore, the process of mixing and/or using it is very straightforward.


  • Shungite Is Absorbed Pretty Quickly

Unlike some competing products, Shungite quickly integrates with our body’s system in whichever form.

Either as a drink, as a hair shampoo, or skin treatments, the dominant theme is it’s readily accepted by the body meaning results are apparent soon after.

  • Shungite-Based Products Are Not Exorbitantly Priced

Most of the products obtained from the stone have somewhat managed to remain affordable despite its immeasurable advantages.  These products include shungite filters, crystals, jewelry (yes, that’s right), protective plates, cylinders, belts, and more.

Even items made from the highest quality stone (elite shungite) are comparatively cheaper than similar or related items.


Take Away

Few discoveries have had the impact that Shungite has had on both the wellbeing of man and in the medical, physical, and biological fields.

In fact, the stone has found its way even to electronics and helps filter harmful EMF energy and cancer-causing radiation from gadgets such as the smartphone and laptop.

We have also come across some shungite inspired paint which is not only a fire retardant, but also one of the most environmentally friendliest.

In short, this legendary stone has been momentous in all realms and is purely miraculous.

And for this, we thank nature.

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