Tips for Eco-Friendly Dog Lovers

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If you have a canine companion, you will know how much joy these creatures can bring to your life. Having a dog can encourage us to get out there and enjoy the wonders of the natural world. Unfortunately, dog owners who are eco-conscious will understand that it is not always easy to live a green life when taking care of one of these pets. Here are some tips for eco-friendly dog owners who want to do their bit for our planet and for humanity:


Choose Dog Food Carefully


One of the main problems with keeping a dog in terms of the green agenda is that most dogs eat meat. Unfortunately, meat-eaters have much higher carbon footprints than those who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet. Factory farming is an extremely polluting industry, so dogs and humans who eat its product are unfortunately buying into a damaging system.


Some vegetarian pet owners don’t mind if there dogs eat meat or animal based-protein, since that more closely resembles what they would naturally eat in the wild if hunting on their own.  If you prefer to include animal-based proteins in your pet’s diet, fortunately, there are options that can lessen the toll their meat eating has on the environment. When choosing food for your dog, try to:


  • Select unprocessed meat products rather than packaged, processed dog food.
  • Choose to buy from organic, local, sustainable farms and producers. (You could also consider fishing, hunting, keeping chickens & other fowl, rabbits etc.. as potential green ways to feed your dog.)
  • Choose dog food, wherever possible, that does not come in plastic packaging.
  • Choose products free of animal and plant byproducts, and chemicals such as BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin. 


Picking Up After Your Dog


Another of the main concerns for green dog owners is what to use to pick up after their dog. Most dog bags are made from plastic that will hang around in the environment for a very long time, contributing to the world's massive plastic problem. Fortunately, eco-friendly dog bags are available – these are made from products that will break down and won't go on to pollute the environment.


What To Do With Dog Waste


At home, what to do with the waste your dog produces can be a pressing problem. Most dog owners will simply tie it up in little plastic bags and place it in their landfill bin. But for those who want to go greener, there is an alternative. While you cannot add dog waste to a cold composting system, you can consider using hot composting to turn it into an inert and harmless 'soil' that can simply be disposed of around trees and bushes in the corners of your garden.


Cleaning & Caring For Your Dog


Dogs will not only need to be loved, fed and walked. They will also need to be cleaned, and treated for various problems every now and again. Many dog shampoos, flea treatments etc contain chemicals that are extremely harmful for the environment. Choosing eco-friendly, natural options for these needs can be another way for dog owners to go greener.


Dog Toys & Accessories


One final thing to consider is the dog toys and accessories that you buy for your dog. Green dog owners should do their very best to avoid buying plastic products. It is worth noting that tennis balls are a surprising source of plastic pollution. Their coatings shed microfibers which make their way into the environment. Choose items made from organic, natural fabrics rather than synthetic, plastic fabrics to go greener.

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