Are You a Health-Conscious Pet Parent?

Posted by Sapphire 26/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

You love your pet so naturally you want to feed them nutritious foods that will promote good health and a long life.  If you've made the switch to eating organic foods, you probably already know and have experienced the significant health benefits that many report - more energy, less allergies, and a stronger immune system - to name a few.  Organic dog food may provide similar benefits for your pet to help combat skin infections and allergies long term, as it's free of artificial colors and flavor enhancers, chemical additives and toxic pesticides that could be the source of your dog’s ailments. 


Not all dog food is created equally, and only well prepared organic dog foods offer quality protein and grain sources of exceptional nutritional value.  This supports your dog’s immune system to help build resistance to skin infections and enhance overall health. 


Grandma Lucy's is a family owned business which begin in 1999, when their dog Lucy, an 11 year old English Cocker Spaniel, became extremely picky about what she would eat.  Her food allergies prevented her from eating most treats.  After being unable to find healthy and safe dog foods on the market, and discovering the inferior quality of ingredients that are typically used in pet food products, Lucy’s family began preparing Lucy's meals and treats at home.  Lucy loved her home cooked meals and began eating again, and desiring to share their quality foods and treats with others, Grandma Lucy's was born!


Try a bag of Grandma Lucy's dog treats today!  Your dog will love the taste, and you will love the fact that they are made with organic, human-quality ingredients.  

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