Growing and Using Natural Herbs in Your Home

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Growing and using natural herbs at home is something anyone can do. Read on to learn the basics of growing and using herbs in your home:


Why Grow Natural Herbs?


First of all, it can be helpful to consider why we grow herbs in the first place. There are a number of reasons why growing herbs can be a good idea. Herbs planted in your garden can:

  • Attract bees and other pollinating insects.
  • Enhance the performance of other nearby crops.
  • Distract or repel a range of common pests.


And thereby make it easier to grow your own organic food.


It could perhaps go without saying, but one of the main reasons to make efforts to grow your own herbs and other food at home is for our planet. It may seem obvious,  but everyone can reduce their carbon footprints by reducing the amount of store-bought food they have to buy. 


What is more, whether you grow then outside, or on a sunny windowsill, natural herbs also:

  • Provide seasoning for a wide range of culinary recipes.
  • Can be used in herbal medicine and treat a range of ailments in a natural way.
  • Can be utilised to make a range of cleaning and beauty treatments.
  • Can be used in home cleaning products that you can make at home.

How To Grow Herbs at Home


In order to be successful in your growing efforts, it is important to be able to identify the needs of different herbs. For example, rosemary requires a free-draining growing medium and full sun, while basil needs sunshine but more moisture, and parsley likes things wetter still and will do well when given some shade in summer. These varying needs can all be met in regular homes or gardens, but it is important to remember that different herbs will have different needs as this can help you decide where to place them, inside or outside your home.


Where to grow herbs:


Who says a garden or an allotment is needed to grow the green stuff? Gaining the satisfaction of growing your own herbs is for everyone – not only those with outside space. It is easier and cheaper than many imagine to grow herbs indoors – it is just essential to think a little about the best place to put them. 


Usually, the best place to grow herbs is on a sunny, south facing windowsill. Ideally, we'd all have one of those in our kitchens, close to where we want to use the herbs. We can't all be lucky enough to have windows facing the best possible direction. Windows facing any direction but due north will usually work, however, so give it a go. Most leafy salads and flat leaved herbs such as basil can make do with around 4-5 hours of sunshine on average, some smaller leaved herbs will need more. The trick is simply to place herbs in the sunniest spot possible. Usually, they will be just fine.


Once the right location for your herb garden has been found and some seeds or plants have been acquired, it is time to think about what those herbs will grow in. It is possible to create a budget and eco-friendly herb garden by using household waste such as yoghurt pots. Simply pierce some holes in the bottom and place them in a plastic packaging tray to make a windowsill herb garden planter for free.


Herbs are such a valuable commodity, growing your own is well worth while. Give it a go and before long you too will be harvesting your own fresh herbs for use around your home. 

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