Choosing Better Brands Leads Us to 'Better Planet'

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The world is hungry for papers.


Indeed, consumption of paper globally has risen by about 400% in the past few decades.


Certainly, this means one thing: more trees have to perish.


Consider this:


A whopping 15 billion trees are mowed down every year.


And in just 12,000 years, man has taken down almost a half (46%) of all trees on the planet


Here is the craziest bit:


35% of all harvested trees go to manufacture paper!


But if you look closely, this is not entirely surprising..


There’s paper everywhere


I mean, look around you…there’s paper everywhere.


First, millions upon millions of books, magazines, and newspapers are published annually.


Let’s now turn to our kitchens, bathrooms, cars…


We are talking about tons of tissue paper, toilet paper, paper towels, packaging boxes, inserts in our shoes, cardboard, and much more.


Collectively, each American is using approximately 749 pounds of assorted paper per year.


How The Paper Industry Is Making The Planet Worse Off


While it’s true that we have other notorious contributors to deforestation, for instance, agricultural expansion (28%) and wildfires (21%), at 37%, pulp and

paper companies remain the biggest threats to our forests.


So, is it fair to say that the paper industry is destroying our precious planet?


Well, the above numbers tell the whole story, and as they say, numbers don’t lie.


And it’s not deforestation only:


Pulp and paper release the sixth highest amount of harmful emissions in the US.


Then we have the growing waste problem…


Paper currently takes up to 25% of the waste in landfills as well as 33% of all municipal waste.


In short, paper companies are relentlessly pursuing profits at the expense of our planet.


Corporate greed drives deforestation


Global business is slowly but surely driving forests to their death.


The reasons are simple.


Owners and managers of high profile paper brands have to return a profit regardless of the cost…


So they continue to cut down trees irresponsibly in total disregard of common sense and existing policies.


While lining up their pockets.


And the results are there for all to see…


We have fewer trees, more waste while our air is contaminated.


Truly, corporate greed has taken over these companies’ reasoning.


Environmentally conscious brands are making a difference


Luckily, there’s a ray of hope.


Environmentally conscious brands like BetterPlanet are now helping in reducing deforestation by introducing innovative consumer products, notably, biodegradable paper


The products -including paper towels and toilet paper- are sourced from high-grade recyclable fiber or other eco-friendly paper materials like sugarcane and bamboo fibers, and are all “tree friendly”.


The driving principle is that no tree should die just to provide for man.


Now, clients are rewarded with every purchase.


For example, the company may plant a specified number of trees with every order.


In addition, they have programs that motivate their clients/members to use paper responsibly in an effort to make the planet a better place.


Final Thoughts


Billions of trees are cut down each year as the paper industry races to make more profits.


And this has caused massive deforestation and pollution.


But against all odds, environmentally conscious brands like BetterPlanet  are succeeding in replacing deforestation with reforestation by introducing “tree friendly” and eco-friendly paper products.


Hopefully, this will help in making our earth a better place.


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