Healthy Lifestyles you must not Ignore

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It is well understood that old habits are usually difficult to break, but it is achievable. Many of us are comfortable with the way we live despite various health implications resulting from the habits. However, some lifestyles are harmful to your health and wellness. Many of these habits are found convenient and pleasurable to you, however, they may not be worth the risks. There are some healthy lifestyles you must not ignore if you want to keep yourself healthy and free from diseases. 
There is nothing difficult about eating healthy and staying fit every day…once it becomes a habit. Developing a healthy lifestyles may seem uneasy in the beginning, but once established, it gets easier in the long run. It is worthy of mentioning that adopting a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to deny yourself of life’s pleasures. You can adopt positive, healthy habits and still enjoy yourself. 
Sapphire Green Earth is committed to educating and encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle and to help them become the best of themselves. Some people focus on a diet but later fail them; hence, they fall off and end up discouraged, as they cannot sustain it any longer. 
It is better and easy to embrace a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for long term management rather than trying to adhere to a diet that may fail anytime. The main key to a successful, healthy lifestyle adoption is first to know yourself. This post will highlight some of the healthy lifestyles you must not ignore. Keep reading to discover them.
Healthy Lifestyle for Natural Health and Wellness
As against some people’s belief, a healthy lifestyle is not about only diet and exercise, but cuts across all areas of life. This involves physical, emotional, psychological, and much more. Below are the healthy habits you must not ignore to achieve a healthier lifestyle:
  • Stocking and cooking healthy foods
Your journey to adopt a healthy lifestyle starts from stocking healthy foods. Once you have them in store, you can access them anytime you need them. You can make your store and kitchen a healing center where you stock up and cook healthy foods for you and your family. Eating out is one of the habits that should be kept to a minimum. When you prepare your meals yourself, you will have greater control over the ingredients, quality of foods, cooking process and cleanliness, etc. 
Keep foods such as vegetables and fresh fruits which can be easily grabbed and eaten on the go. Veggies and fruits you can consider stocking are apples, berries, baby carrots, pears, and much more. You can as well stock up on whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, wheat bread, and much more to replace white bread products. Healthy proteins worthy of stocking are eggs and fresh turkey breast as well as nuts and seeds. Avoid keeping processed or sugar-coated foods such as cookies, soda, sugary cereals, and other related sweet foods that are not healthy for you.
  • Substitute liquid calories with water
Water plays a vital role in overall body health. However, many people grab liquid calories such as fruit juice, sweetened drinks, and soda in place of water. Studies have shown that it is healthy to drink plain water instead of sweetened drinks when thirsty. Sweetened drinks offer no nutritional value and add to your calories which are not healthy for you. Make it a habit to drink water or flavored seltzer instead of any other drinks you may grab easily. Water keeps you hydrated without any traces of calories. Whenever you are feeling thirsty, discipline yourself to take ordinary water and not liquid calories.
  • Ensure you eat a colorful salad or veggies every day
Salads have been studied to be enriched with a variety of essential nutrients with fewer calories found in other foods. Don’t focus on only one color of vegetables. Ensure you touch various colors of vegetables as much as possible, as they have been researched to contain different healthy nutrients such as potassium, antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, and much more that the body needs to perform optimally. 
There is a long list of colorful salads you can choose from to suit your taste. These include carrots, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, kale, beets, spinach, red peppers, tomatoes, and much more. We know some people are not so much in love with salads; however, they can as well sneak-in veggies in their diet by eating sautéed or steamed dressing or a sort of vegetable-based soup.
  • Take your time to chew your food thoroughly
Studies have shown that digestion starts from the mouth. Effective food digestion plays a significant role in overall health and wellness of the body. When you chew your food very well, you make the digestion process work more efficiently.  Apart from easy digestion, you tend to eat less when you take your time to chew your foods before swallowing them. 
Also, overeating will usually result in making you feel stuffed and uncomfortable. This is because it takes at least about 15 minutes for the body to recognize it is full. Taking your time to chew your food thoroughly means you have to eat slowly and chew every bit of it. In a nutshell, chewing your food well is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Regular exercise
Many of us are so busy that we don’t think about physical activity. The benefits of physical exercise cannot be overemphasized in keeping the muscles and nerves fit. There are many physical exercises you can adopt as a habit on a regular basis. It takes only 20 – 30 minutes out of your busy schedule daily to keep yourself fit. You can take a walk around for 20 to 30 minutes. This helps to shed unnecessary weight and train your nerves and muscles for healthy posture. Regular exercise is one of the healthy habits you must incorporate into your health and wellness lifestyle.
  • Stop smoking or drinking too much alcohol
This may not be a general issue, but it is worthy of mentioning that smoking and drinking alcohol are two addictive habits that have an impact on your health and wellness. If you are one of those who have a cigarette habit, it is high time you stop for the sake of your health. Smoking has been studied to expose your heart to plaque buildup in your arteries, and the implication of which can be dangerous to your overall health. One of the healthy lifestyles you must not ignore is to stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol as quickly as possible.
  • Sleep is essential to good health and well being
Sleep plays a critical role in your physical health, as this is the time when your body heals and rejuvenates.  It is just as important as eating healthy and exercising.  As you sleep, your body recovers and engages in healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels. An ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.  Ensuring you get a good night's sleep most nights will yield a plethora of benefits including greater alertness, more energy, being hormonally balanced and a stronger immune system.
Having a healthy lifestyle must be your top priority every time no matter the condition. Your health and wellness shouldn’t be compromised for either pleasure or unhealthy habits that can be controlled. Some healthy habits have been discussed in this post, and other healthy lifestyles you may consider are eating fruits in place of snacks, meditation, reducing stress, resting as much as possible, keeping a food journal, and much more. Stay tuned for more informative posts on health and wellness!

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