Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Stunning Study in Water

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Apart from the picturesque maze of narrow valleys, Hunza easily passes off as another sleepy mountainous region north of Pakistan.


The Burushos- also known as Hunzukuts, Hunzas, and Burushaskis- are the people who dominate here.


60,000 of them to be precise.


Apart from being very welcoming, Hunzas live exceptionally long.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for their longevity to range between 120-140 years.


The drinking water here flows from melted glaciers in the nearby Karkorum Mountains.


And this is what attracted Dr. Patrick Flanagan to Hunza.


Dr. Flanagan’s research work


Born in 1944,  Dr. Flanagan is not your ordinary inventor.

The fabled Life Magazine called him a rare breed for his Neurophone invention.

The Pentagon bought his own guided missile detector when he was barely 11 years old.

He has written many books and owns numerous patents.

But it is his continued study in water and other mineral structures that has won him the biggest accolades.

To him, the only factor that could explain the long, healthy lives of Hunza people is the water.




Now allow me to take you back a little.


Dehydration can be dangerous

Around 60% of our bodies makeup consists of water.

This implies that water is always involved in almost every body mechanism in our bodies.

Thus, to function properly, our bodies need water.

According to experts, even losing 3% -4% of your body water could lead to negative consequences.

As a matter of fact, you will already be dehydrated long before you feel thirsty.

So you must continuously refill your water ‘tanks’.


Regular water is good. But not good enough!

I know it’s scary but that’s the truth.

Here is why:

Our ‘normal’ water is comprised of large, disorganized clusters of molecules. 

In this form, it may not transport essential nutrients into your cells. Neither will it carry waste out of the cells. It sometimes even fails to lubricate your joints.

That’s because its larger clusters may fail to enter the small channel that’s your cells.

So, your cells could remain thirsty, deficient in nutrients, and intoxicated.


The Crystal Energy

After years of research, Dr. Flanagan stunned the world with his breakthrough discovery on the unique structure of Hunza water.

It was the balanced cluster pattern that the water molecules formed that gave the glacial water its distinctive properties.

This mineral-rich water, christened “glacial milk,” is credited with the longevity and healthier living of Hunza people

From there, Dr. Flanagan turned his efforts towards creating water identical to the famous Hunza Water.

He was motivated by the idea of sharing the gift of a prolonged life span with everyone else in the world. 

And that is how one of his most potent inventions - the Crystal Energy - was born.


What’s Crystal Energy ?

Crystal Energy is a bold attempt at reproducing the rich features of glacial waters in our homes.

It’s actually a type of colloidal silica – the kind common in glacial waters all over the globe.

It usually helps improve your hydration levels by increasing the speed at which water flows across cell membranes.

That’s because it tremendously reduces surface tension plus water’s wetting angle.


Does it work?

In the course of his research, Dr. Flanagan has already proven that by adding just a few drops of this product to your drinking water, the water molecules immediately group themselves into a finely structured liquid crystal.

And so, the good Doctor’s work has shown that:

  • Cells become better hydrated and are fully utilized by your body.
  • Cells become more intimate with water meaning each and every sip of water you take is super beneficial and effective.
  • Cells easily acquire crucial nutrients and/or remove waste.



Regular water is good for our hydration but not good enough due to its irregular molecular composition.

Luckily, Dr. Flanagan trials have shown that Crystal Energy helps you stay better hydrated, live longer, and disease-free due to its ability to alter the molecular pattern of regular water.

The old saying, 'you are what you eat' has never been this true!

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