Ecover Ecological Laundry Wash Ultra - 100 fl oz

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Ecover Ecological Laundry Wash Ultra is tough on dirt and easy on your clothes. It keeps colors bright and is ideal for baby clothes. Ecover has dedicated over 20 years of research to the development of products which use the inherent power of natural plant and mineral ingredients to bring you safe, effective washing.

  • Fresh fragrances from plant based ingredients.
  • Color safe.
  • Plant based Ingredients.
  • No phosphates and no optical brighteners (Research has shown that optical brighteners bind to the skin irreversibly).  Suitable for top and front loading washing machines.
  • Plant based ingredients gentle on your skin, not based on petrochemical ingredients.
  • Optimal level of biodegradability - far exceeds legislative requirements.
  • Safe for all river and marine life.
  • No animal testing.
Ingredients Plant based soap, plant based non-ionic and anionic tensio-active surfactants, water, citric acid, citrate, vegetable ethanol and plant based fragrance (lavender type).
Usage For colors: Use 2 1/2 fl oz per machine load of normally soiled laundry. Use 3 fl oz for heavily soiled laundry and for hard water. Use 2 fl oz for soft water. For whites: For optimal results, follow the above instructions, and add Ecover Non Chlorine Bleach. Ecover Laundry Wash is also great for handwashing. Just dissolve 2 fl oz in 1.5 gallon of warm water. Wash and rinse your clothes as normal. Always keep your washing and cleaning products out of children's reach.

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