CureCeuticals® Foot Odor Spray - 6oz, Pack of 8

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CureCeuticals® Penetrating Foot Odor Spray does not mask odor; it kills the odor causing bacteria and fungus. Includes FREE CureCeuticals® Antiseptic Skin Cleansing Spray.

Product Features:

  • Kills Odor-Causing bacteria.
  • No Chemicals, No Alcohol, No Synthetics, and No Aluminum
  • Absolutely Safe and Effective on Broken Skin.
  • Cleanses Skin with Powerful Manuka Honey – Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Antifungal, and Anti-itch Properties.
  • Remove Toxins from Skin with Clean-filtered, Real Dead Sea Salt.
  • Soothe Skin and Enjoy All the Age-old Benefits of Epsom Salts.
Ingredients Manuka Honey 100% Certified Organic Cold Process, Dead Sea Salt (Filtered), Epsom Salt, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Natural Essential Oil.
Usage Wash and dry feet thoroughly. Apply 3-6 sprays 2 times daily to feet and especially between the toes. Also apply to legs. Safe for broken or scaly skin. Also apply lightly (DO NO SATURATE) to shoes and socks. Wear clean socks daily.

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