Prevail K-9

Prevail K-9

One of the most important features of a healthy red blood cells in your dog is the ability to maintain maximum hydration, or what is also referred to as osmotic pressure. Under a microscope, this essential characteristic is similar to a fully inflated basketball – the cell becomes round and tight. Electromagnetically charging the cells enhances their osmotic pressure, thus inducing rapid cellular hydration and the ability to carry oxygen, vitamins, and minerals into the cells.

You may hear terms like “osmotic pressure” and“electromagnetic charge” and think that cellular health is too complex for the average person to comprehend. It’s not! Simply take a look at the results of this simple blood test, which shows red blood cells before and after using the formula of Prevail K-9™.

  • Today's average pet has what veterinarians call "sticky blood" that comes from everyday occurrences.

  • Eating potential (table scraps) fatty foods, increased sugar consumption and/or poor pet-food, certain animal medications (including Vaccinations and environmental stress cause red blood cells to stick together and "stack up" like a roll of coins, preventing nutrients from being properly absorbed in your pet(s).

  • Prevail K-9™ is a supercharged, proprietary blend of nano-sized (trace) electrolytes that charge your pets cells, re-inflate them, and space them apart so they can float freely through their body.

  • Once they are apart and have regained a healthy shape and fluidity, the cells can absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins at a much higher capacity.

  • Both nutrients and oxygen are delivered inside the cells far better than before.

  • Quick to use and your pet will love it! (Just 4 sprays into their water!)

  • They will feel results in their life within minutes and lasts for hours!

Ingredients Polarized Water (RO/UV/DI/IC), Sodium (AS Sodium Chloride), Manganese (AS Manganese Sulfate), Silicon (AS Sodium Silicate), Iodine (AS Potassium Iodide), Copper (AS Copper Sulfate), Zinc (AS Zinc Sulfate), Potassium (AS Potassium Chloride), Boron (AS Boric Acid), Chromium (AS Chromium Chloride), Selenium (AS Sodium Selenite).
Directions For maximum performance, give 4 sprays twice a day. Spray in dogs mouth or drinking water.

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